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New Division ScoreKeeper Registration
Welcome to the Scorekeeper Sign Up process. Please read carefully and use one of the following two options to continue.

1. NON-Registered Users
If you have NEVER registered yourself on netcord for any reason (you do not have a Personal Login or Password) then CLICKHERE to register yourself and your division.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Register Again
If you have registered previously for any reason, then you are already in our system with your ownPersonal Login and Password. Use the boxes at the right to enter your login and password. This will use your existing information and then continue with the scorekeeper registration process.
If you have forgotten your password, Click here

  2. Registered Users
If you have already registered yourself on netcord in the past, enter your personal login and password to continue your scorekeeper registration.Do not put your team login here. This is only for registered users with a Personal Login and Password.

Forgot your password, Click here
If you are having any trouble logging in or would like some detailed information on our login procedures, please click here.


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