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Please use the box at right to log in to Netcord.

If you are already registered on your team, please login with your personal login and password.

If you are trying to access a team on which you are not yet registered, please login with the Team Login and Password provided by your captain.


Forgot Your Login or Password?
If you have forgotten your Personal Login and Password, please Do Not Register Again. This will cause you to not be able to access all of your information, team pages, etc. through one login.

Enter your email address in the first box below, then verify it by entering it again in the second box, and we will send you your login and password:
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*Note:   Please make very sure you spell your email correctly and that you enter the email that you would have in the system (i.e. don't submit your work email address if you use your personal email address in our system). This is an automated response that looks in our system for the EXACT email address that you enter in the boxes above.
What to do if You Cannot Get Your Login
If you cannot obtain your login information by using the request form above and you think you have a registration in our system, please Do Not Register Again. Just give us a call (678.995.3638) or email us ( and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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